International and Domestic Strategies for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease in Social Transition


Themed "International and Domestic Strategies for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases in Social Transition" the third Annual Forum on the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease events have been organized to better understand the opportunities and challenges brought by social transition to the development of healthcare, especially to chronic disease prevention and control strategies. The outcome will be to develop appropriate policies to boost the health development in China.

The Forum is open to the public and media, with eminent experts from home and abroad invited to speak on the international and domestic situations, challenges and opportunities of chronic disease prevention and control. The Roundtable will be by invitation only with approximately 30 participants, including policy makers, academic experts, industry experts and opinion leaders contributing to the discussion.

Participants in the events will have the opportunity to meet key decision makers on the LifeSeeds project and other colleagues from the Ministry of Health, China CDC, Peking University, the Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Health, Changzhi City Government, Changzhi Medical College, WHO, US CDC, Duke University and the World Bank. The participants also have the opportunity to visit LifeSeeds project villages to see first-hand how the project is being implemented at the village level.