2016 World Heart Day – Power your life

Looking after your heart starts with understanding your risk. To mark World Heart Day on 29 September, The George Institute China organised an event in the lobby of its office building to help people increase their health awareness by measuring their blood pressure / heart rhythm and promoting cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention knowledge.  What’s more, WeChat campaign named “What’s your rank” was carried out simultaneously to encourage people to be active and walk more. 

CVD is the world’s number one killer.  Each year, it is responsible for 17.5 million premature deaths, and this is expected to rise to 23 million within the next 2 decades.  Because of its very large population, China has one of the highest CVD death rates in the world - it is estimated that one in five adults has some form a CVD in China.

Professor Craig Anderson, Executive Director of the George Institute China said that “everyone can reduce their risk of CVD by taking steps to increase their daily activity, reducing over-eating, increasing their daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  For those people who are at high risk of CVD, it is important that they have regular medical check-up and keep taking medication is needed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood.  A healthy heart leads to a health brain and body”

"It is a great event. I am happy to know that my blood pressure and heart rhythm is at normal level. Moreover, I learned heart health knowledge from the event. I just got one flyer and will share it with my family and friends.” One participant said.

Ms. Ruth Song, Senior Finance Manager at the Institute, was one of the organisers of the event. She expressed her gratitude to all staff participating and contributing to the event.  “I am grateful to all the colleagues who contributed to the event. We hope it could increase public health awareness to fuel your heart, move your heart, and love your heart.”

And the good news is that much CVD can be prevented by making just a few simple daily changes, like eating and drinking more healthily, getting more exercise and stopping smoking. So this World Heart Day, make sure you and your family take action to keep your heart charged and make a lasting difference to your health.