2019 International Women’s Day: Balance for better

Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day with different themes and social activities ranging from appreciation towards women to the focus on women’s political and human rights.

Women and Children’s health research is one of the priorities for the George Institute for Global Health. Together with governmental and academic partners, researchers from The George Institute China have completed systematic review of mHealth interventions in maternal and Child Health Care in China and abroad, and developed 1000 Days mobile application to improve service quality and efficiency for women and child health. 

Reflecting on 2019  International Women’s Day theme, #Balanceforbetter, The George Institute China hosted an internal tea party , staff and invited guests shared their  experience on women’s professional career and life. Moreover, some female researchers from The George Institute China shared their thoughts about “balance”.

 “The world is created and moulded by both men and women, and women are providing greater and greater contributions in many areas. As excellence in the research sector is based on intelligence, with gender bearing no influence on clinical outcomes, I believe it is only a matter of time before we achieve a more gender-balanced field.” Lily Song said, who has been working as a neurologist for over 18 years. She joined The George Institute China three years ago and specialises in clinical trials.

“Women face a lot of challenges in career development when they have children. Employers, especially research organisations, should provide more supportive policies to allow women to find the balance between work and child care, such as flexibility with office hours and work location.” Huan CHEN thinks, who has been working in women’s and child health for 10 years and joined The George Institute China in 2015 to focus on women with gestational diabetes and other non-communicable diseases during pregnancy.

Nadila Duolikun is a Research Fellow at The George Institute China.  With all the challenges that the research sector presents, this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #Balanceforbetter, has particular resonance for Nadila. She said, “As an early-stage researcher, I often got frustrated that I was not getting where I wanted to be with my work. I think it’s inevitable that everybody at some stage in their life experiences self-doubt. ‘Balance’ reminds me to bounce back to be more confident and faithful when I doubt myself too much.”