INTERACT3 Project is underway

At the end of January, INTERACT3 was successfully activated across 25 hospitals in China, and 80 patients from 198 screened patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) have been recruited from 16 hospitals since launch of the project in late 2017.

INTERACT3 is a collaboration between clinical researchers at West China Hospital (WCH), Chengdu and The George Institute (TGI), China, with Professor Chao You, senior neurosurgeon at WCH, and Professor Craig Anderson, Executive Director of TGI China, as the joint principal investigators. INTERACT3 aims to establish the effects of ‘care bundle’ quality improve system involving early intensive blood pressure (BP) lowering, control of elevated glucose and fever, and correction of anticoagulation, in ICH patients as compared to routine systems of care. 

During the kick-off meetings, Ms. Ping YI, Clinical Research Associate of TGI China introduced the project from multiple aspects and perspectives including the background, research purpose, and procedures. Meanwhile, experts from WCH explained the research design in detail.

INTERACT3 is the third in a series of INTERACT studies. The INTERACT trials were designed to establish the effects of early intensive BP lowering on recovery from acute ICH, the most serious form of acute stroke. The key findings of INTERACT2 study were published in The New England Journal of Medicine and other international leading journals.  INTERACT3 uses a different design of randomizing hospitals rather than individual patients to evaluate the system of care intervention.