Taikang Pension and George Institute for Global Health Signed MOU for Strategic Cooperation

On September 18, 2018, Taikang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. and The George Institute for Global Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for strategic cooperation. Liu Hongbo, Deputy General Manager of Taikang Pension, and Professor Anushka Patel, Chief Scientist of The George Institute for Global Health, signed the MoU on behalf of each party.

With the rapid aging of the population, the huge economic burden brought by chronic diseases to the healthcare insurance fund has been a major public health issue affecting national economic and social development. Focusing on Health risks screening and assessment, non-communicable diseases management and latest technologies, Taikang Pension and The George Institute for Global Health had a positive discussion and both parties will join hands and give full play to their respective strengths to implement the “Healthy China” strategy, and carry out innovative practices in health management and chronic disease prevention and treatment among large populations, so as to promote a better combination of insurance innovation and chronic disease management.

In recent years, Taikang Pension has always upheld the responsibilities as a “backbone enterprise of national pan-livelihood project”, and has continuously expanded its service field and extended its service chain. It has grown from a single enterprise pension management agency to an integrated commercial insurance company whose services are comprehensively connected with the three pillars of the national healthcare and pension security system. So far, Taikang has served more than 420,000 corporate customers, and has engaged in management of enterprise pension of over 250 billion. Besides, the company is actively involved in government livelihood projects such as critical illness insurance, long-term care insurance, and personal insurance account activation. It has managed more than 50 projects, has served more than 100 million person-time, and has become one of the first insurance companies in China to provide personal tax preferential health insurance and personal tax-deferred pension insurance.

The George Institute for Global Health is a non-profit health and medical research institute whose mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. With offices in Australia, China, India and the United Kingdom, it has built a global network of medical and health experts to conduct researches in leading causes of death and disability worldwide such as chronic diseases and injuries in more than 50 countries. Its research results have been published in more than 7,000 papers in internationally renowned journals, and have been cited for more than 89,000 times, which have profoundly affected the development of disease prevention and treatment guidelines, management practices and health policies in related fields in many countries, and have played a leading role throughout the world in the fields of innovative medical services and health management.