TGI signed MOU with Shanghai Jiao Tong University

On 17th September, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) School of Medicine. A seminar on infrastructure development for multi-center clinical research was also successfully held at Yide Building, SJTUSOM, on the same day.

Participants of the signing ceremony included a delegation of 10 from TGI, led by the Principal Directors Professor Stephen MacMahon and Professor Robyn Norton, and representatives from SJTU including: Professor Weijie Ni, Director of Hospital and Medical Affairs; Professor Yong Zhang, Director of International Affairs; Professor Yaqing Zhang, Dean of the School of Nursing; Professor Meijiao Qin, Secretary of Party General Branch of the School of Public Health; Professor Biyun Qian and Professor Zhiruo Zhang, Vice Deans of the School of Public Health.

The signing and the following seminar were hosted by Professor Zhi-Jie Zheng, Dean of School of Public Health. On behalf of the respective institutions, Professor Anushka Patel, Chief Scientist of TGI, and Professor Biyun Qian signed the MOU.

Professor Anushka Patel, Mr. Philip Gregory, General Manager of George Clinical China, and Professor Vlado Perkovic, Executive Director of TGI Australia and Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney delivered speeches after the signing to introduce TGI’s research themes and scientific capacity, operations and management of clinical research, and the success story of the collaboration in China in kidney disease research. Researchers and managerial staff from Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, the No. 9 Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Shanghai Chest Hospital, Tongren Hospital and other affiliated SJTU organizations attended the seminar and exchanged ideas with the experts from TGI on the barriers and problems emerging from current clinical research. Professor Stephen MacMahon elaborated on the collaboration plan and needs which drove a heated discussion.

The delegation from TGI also visited Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and SJTU affiliated Xinhua Hospital and reached a series of agreements on collaborations in population health research, clinical research, big data analysis, and capacity building.

Professor Stephen MacMahon commented on this new collaborative partnership between TGI and SJTU and said that this relationship will help “propel global-level research on clinical, population and healthcare services between the two parties”.

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