Dr Karena Conroy


Head, Commissioned Research, The George Institute, Australia Honorary Associate, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney


Karena leads a programme of work focussed on providing evidence to guide critical health decisions and engaging with decision makers to enact real change.

She supports researchers to deliver high quality projects that are focussed on the needs of key stakeholders; and providing rigorous evidence around the appropriateness, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions. She also assists with the development, implementation and evaluation of healthcare solutions at the Local Health District level to improve performance of health service delivery, to allocate health care resources more effectively and ultimately, improve health outcomes for patients.

Karena has been an Honorary Associate at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney since July 2007. She has over 18 years of experience in health research and evaluation, with skills in both quantitative and qualitative research design and analyses; and content expertise in quality and safety in healthcare, completing a PhD within this field of study.

Prior to her appointment at The George, Karena worked for 14 years in the public health sector and therefore also has extensive experience working with health policy, stakeholder management, strategic planning and budgeting for research activities.

Twitter: @Karena_Conroy