Yajie Zhu

United Kingdom
Yajie Crop

Machine Learning Scientist

Yajie Zhu is a Machine Learning Scientist at The George Insititute for Global Health at the University of Oxford. He is currently applying machine learning and deep learning for environmental health research to understand the combined impact of different environmental factors on a range of health outcomes.

 He is also a team member of the Oxford Martin Programme on Deep Medicine, working to develop and test deep learning models that could leverage the depth and breadth of electronic health records to give a richer representation of an individual’s past and current health condition.

Yajie completed his PhD on Geographic Information System at Peking University and finished his undergraduate study on Geomatics Engineering with emphasis on Global Navigation Satellite System at Wuhan University. His research areas include spatio-temporal big data, machine learning and deep learning, and recently, global health. He also has practical working experience in applying data science on digitised chemistry.