Guojuan Cheng: Down to earth while aiming high

Ms. Guojuan Cheng is a Clinical Research Associate at The George Institute, China. She is responsible for communicating with hospitals and managing the INTERACT3 project. Let’s listen to her story and learn her life in TGI.

How long have you been working at The George Institute?

Less than one year. I joined The George Institute, China in May 2017.

What is your professional background?

I majored in clinical medicine for bachelor, and my postgraduate education focused on neurology. Then, I worked as a neurologist for six years in one hospital.

What attracted you to work at The George Institute?

In 2011, I was in charge of a research project in the hospital, because of which, I had the opportunity to learn at The George Institute for Global Health, Australia for 10 months, and was impressed by TGI’s systematic research approaches. At that time, I was passionate about scientific research, hoping to work in TGI one day. During my six-year working, I had done some research projects, but because of non-professional approaches, there were many obstacles. Therefore, I made a decision that I would work in TGI to continue my dream as a scientific researcher.

What kind of work you are doing now?

Now I am the CRA of INTERACT 3, and I am responsible for communicating with hospitals, training staff before the program, and data collecting and checking.

What difference will this make to healthcare and why?

Scientific research is very essential. A single doctor can only treat no more than 300 patients each year, but one positive outcome could benefit hundreds of thousands of people. However, there is a huge gap between Chinese and international scientific research level. Therefore, the focus of scientific researches in China should not only on better outcomes, but also on developing clinicians’ awareness. Our main mission is two-folded: clinical medicine and scientific research, and we should not neglect either.

How do you explain to others the work you are doing?

My work focuses more on management and scientific research. Sometimes, people around cannot understand what scientific research is, they tend to consider lab work as science, but I will patiently explain to them that what I do is also science and meaningful.

To unwind at the end of the day you…

I prefer reading at leisure.

What is your biggest gain in TGI?

I have learned lots of management models in TGI. When I worked in the hospital, I had difficulty managing the team, but now, I can arrange everything well. I believe that three years later, I will learn more in this field.

What expectations do you have in the future?

I hope I could go down this road in the future. TGI often cooperates with hospitals, so I wish I could bridge TGI and hospitals to let other clinicians realize the importance of scientific research.