Mengdan Kang: shifting from student to clinical research associate

Mengdan Kang is Clinical Research Associate at The George Institute China.  Today, let’s listen to her profile story and step into her inner world.

How long have you been working at The George Institute?

I have been working here for 13 months since I joined The George Institute China (TGI China) on 1 August, 2016.

What is your professional background?

My undergraduate major is pharmaceutical science from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and my graduate major is pharmaceutical analysis.

What attracted you to work at The George Institute?

The working environment here really attracts me.  Other than just being a follower, I wanted my voice to be heard. The working environment here is exactly what I like, that is why I decide to join TGI China.

What does your work focus on?

Before September, I was a Project Assistant, whose main responsibility was coping with project daily routines such as organizing files, communicating with member hospitals and arranging meetings. Now I am promoted to Clinical Research Associate (CRA), and my further focus is supervising the project progress and communicating with the hospitals.

What difference will this make to healthcare and why?

Taking our I-CARE program as an example, I think our work will help the residents living in underdeveloped areas to improve their quality of life.

How do you explain to others the work you are doing?

Maybe for some outsiders, the job of CRA is merely data verification. In effect, my job is more than that. The target of CRA is to guarantee that the program can follow the protocol and run smoothly. Data verification is only a part of it, which serves for the authenticity and reliability of data. The work is very important for the publication.

To unwind at the end of the day you…

On the working days, I love to cook for myself. It makes me relaxed. On the weekends, I like watching movies and reading some history books, especially books on Qing Dynasty history.

My first job was…

Once I graduated, I joined TGI China. Therefore, working here is my very first job.

My biggest achievement or gain so far…

This year, my biggest gain is my own rapid growth. When I first came to TGI, I was a newly graduated student who knew nothing. It was the manager and CRA then who taught me little by little and let me be able to complete the work assigned. Now I can finish my tasks well. In retrospect, this year I really grew a lot, completing the shift from the school to the workplace.