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Hi Fit

Fall injury in older people can result in hip fracture, which will reduce independence, early death, and the development of a fear of falling. As a guideline, the UK National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) uses the Blue Book to benchmark quality standards of care for individuals hospitalized with hip fracture in the UK, but the landscape of hip fracture management in China remains unclear.

A prospective study with a mixed methods approach (quantitative and qualitative data collection) is proposed to prospectively examine the barriers and facilitators in the current management of hip fracture in China. The results from the study will provide background evidence for developing strategies aimed at enhancing a clinical care pathway for hip fracture management in China.


  • To document the practice of patients with hip fracture in hospital and after discharge, so that the patient journey is covered including surgery, care and rehabilitation;
  • To identify potential barriers and facilitators to provide evidence-based hip fracture management.