Health economics and process evaluation training workshop held successfully at The George Institute, China

On August 2, a Health Economics and Process Evaluation training workshop was held at the offices of The George Institute, China.

Over 20 researchers from various backgrounds attended from various organizations including Peking University First Hospital, China CDC, NCD Center of China CDC, Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Peking Union Medical College and The George Institute China participated in the workshop.

Professor Craig Anderson, Executive Director of The George Institute China, attended the workshop and delivered the opening remarks. He introduced his colleague, Professor Stephen Jan, who is Head of Health Economics at The George Institute, Australia, and a Professor at UNSW Sydney, to lead the Workshop. He began by introducing the basic concepts of health economics and that four commonly-used types of economic evaluation are used across studies. In order for the participants to better develop their understanding of economic evaluation and improve their capacity to include this aspect in their future analyses, he explained some practical aspects of economic evaluation in health sector through IMAGE case study.  In the afternoon, Ms. Hueiming Liu, a Doctoral Research Fellow with Professor Jan, delivered an impressive lecture on process evaluation and qualitative study methods, including its definition, key concepts, significance, and its conduct. During the workshop, participants were actively engaged in discussion and plenty of practical examples were shared from the vast experience of the two instructors. 

“As clinical and public health studies move forward, academic research has developed a closer relationship with policy makers, and for research projects to have high level of management and inclusion of better understanding of ‘value for money’ solutions. In this sense, health economics and process evaluation have increasingly important and better understood,” said Professor Craig Anderson in his opening remarks. “We hope this workshop will benefit researchers and improve the quality of their work.”

Professor Stephen Jan, Head of Health Economics at The George Institute, Australia


Hueiming Liu, Doctoral Research Fellow at The George Institute, Australia