TGI and Chunmiao deliver love and gifts to children in hospital on Christmas

On Christmas Eve of 2015, volunteers from The George Institute China joined with the Chunmiao Foundation to visit children in hospital and their parents.

This is the second time we collaborated with Chunmiao since the Mid-Autumn Festival donation in September 2015. The aim was to celebrate the holidays with the children and their families, bring them gifts, as well as encourage them to get better. The kids and parents were also invited to draw a creative painting as a gift to the hospital staff who take great care of them.

Four volunteers from TGI China, led by one staff from Chunmiao who organized the activity, go into the hospital ward.

Volunteers in Santa costumes invite the child and mother to make a finger print. We gave the finger prints to the healthcare workers in this ward as a holiday gift.

Rong Luo, research coordinator who joined the activity for the first time, said she was quite moved. “What I see here is different from what I imagined. I’m very happy to find that the kids are full of energy and they really look forward to seeing people visit them and play with them. I feel great that what I do can help ease the pain for the kids.”

For Ruth, Finance Manager, understanding the stress and pain the parents suffered and comforting them were also important. “They are calm and strong indeed. But when I pat their shoulders and said ‘you’ve done great! Hold on’, I found her eyes were suddenly moist with tears.”

The volunteers handed the painting to the head nurse and explained how the painting was made.

And wish everyone a happy holiday!