Nadila: Be a better self beyond yesterday

Ms. Nadila is a research fellow at The George Institute, China. She works in the unit of Diabetes. Let’s listen to her story with TGI, China.

How long have you been working at The George Institute, China?

I joined The George Institute, China in November 2017.

What is your professional background?

I majored in public health in Peking University Health Science Center, and my postgraduate education also focused on public health.

What attracted you to work at The George Institute?

During my last employment, I got acquainted with Professor Zhang Puhong and Dr. Tian Maoyi, and was attracted by their work in The George Institute for Global Health. So several years later, I came to work here.

What kind of work are you doing now?

I am working for the program of Roadmap and SmartDiabetes, which aims to improve patients’ self-management. Our group have just finished the project application, and need to conduct a series of follow-ups and process evaluation to assess the performance of this project. Now, we are trying to form the framework for the evaluation.

What is the most significant meaning of your work?

I think academic research is like mountain climbing. We try to pave the way, not for ourselves, but hoping that our successors can reach higher and higher to learn more about people and the world. When standing at the peak of the mountain, we can gain broader horizon, though the process may be painful.

How do you explain to others the work you are doing?

To unfamiliar people, I will say that I am a researcher; to familiar ones, I will say I am doing population health; if people are willing to know more, I will say that my job is to learn about the health of the whole population.

To unwind at the end of the day you…

I prefer outdoor sports, such as climbing, and I also like drama a lot.

What is your biggest gain in TGI?

My biggest gains in TGI include two parts: colleagues and pressure. First, it is fantastic that many colleagues work together and finish a big project, and this atmosphere encourages me to work harder. Second, pressure from the work also makes me realize that my efforts are still not sufficient, and there is still room for improvement, so I will make the pressure an impetus and try to be a better self.

What expectations do you have in the future?

I hope I can continue learning new things, and make my work more satisfying.